Why do I want an IDE for Perl

I was asked (Gabor – thanks) to explain why do I actually need an IDE for Perl.

The short answer is –
To run my little Perl/TK program from inside the editor, and Debugging.


  • First – a little background:
    I’m not an experienced programmer. I mean –  not in the sense of using major “heavy” languages like Java, C++/ C# or C and others.  (I know just a little of those… ).
  • Second – A specific example:
    I do know know some Perl and use it at my daily work – to process textual files.
    So I wrote a Perl/TK thing on my PC  – to process a textual bibliographic files and add certain fixed bibliographic fields.
    It’s Windows XP that I have at work.
    So for editing my scripts –  I use Vim, which is nice and colorful  just like in various Unixes .
    BUT For running – I currently use ActivePerl .

    The “coding” is separated from the code testing and debugging.

  • Now –  people around me at work use Visual Studio for C++ to develop a GUI application.
    So … Why won’t I use something like this to improve my little Perl/TK program?

    What I do now is trial and error:
    I edit the script / program in Vim but run it separately (done by ActivePerl when I double click it) and not from inside the editor.

And that’s where I need an IDE.

Vim is great – but IDE can stop the run in a breakpoint, so it saves a lot of debugging time.

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  1. Thanks.
    I see that for Linux there is a package for Debian, OpenSUSE and RedHat.

    Is there a package for Mandriva?

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