I’m using Bootstrap theme

After trying to “hack” my site to look more or less the same in older IE – I finally decided to look for a new different theme that will do the work for me.

So… Now my Octopress blog use Bootstrap theme by Balázs Kutil (see here).

See few screenshots below…

Here is how it looks in Chrome / Chromium (Ubuntu):

Here is how it looks on Firefox (Ubuntu):

Internet Explorer – compatibility:
–> This is working like old IE…

Internet Explorer – “Normal” (not compatibility) mode:
Please note the top left menu – this is the same as in other browsers !!!

Source: meorero_octopress

Octopress makes me curious about Ruby

When I looked for a static web site generator I started with Jekyll.
But then I saw Octopress. Now – after few posts it’s really working great.

The only thing that I currently have to do on my own – on the HTML – is: taking care of the directionality. …

When I want to write Hebrew – in right to left – I still have to add the ”

” on my own.
Now I remember – that I also had to do it on WordPress too.

But my wish here it to be able to hack it.
I mean – to have a way to have a smaller tag to tell Octpress (or the underlying Jekyll) to treat all the text inside as “Right to Left”.
Something like ” … ” in the source “Mardown” level.

For this I have to … mmm … start learning Ruby.

It’s really funny that I chose a Ruby based weblog generator whithout any deep knowledge of Ruby!

Source: meorero_octopress