Open Access – גישה חופשית למידע ופרסום אלקטרוני [presentation from Haifa Univ. Library]

I have just read on the blog of the Haifa university Library about ” Open Access – גישה חופשית למידע ופרסום אלקטרוני.”
The presentation was a part of meetings held at the library about information in the library and on the World Wide Web.

The open publication possibilities were introduced, as well as economic models.

Among other issues – the presentation cites a decision of Harvard university faculty to collect and disseminate scholarly articles. Some of the new Israeli projects are discussed and also copyrights matters and the solutions offered by “Creative Commons“.

לפוסט – בלוג ספריית אוניברסיטת חיפה – To the POST.

למצגת בעברית – “Open Access” : Presentation. (ב- PDF)

There is “Hebrew Creative Commons” – קריאייטיב קומונז בעברית. Cool!