Why do I want an IDE for Perl

I was asked (Gabor – thanks) to explain why do I actually need an IDE for Perl.

The short answer is –
To run my little Perl/TK program from inside the editor, and Debugging.


  • First – a little background:
    I’m not an experienced programmer. I mean –  not in the sense of using major “heavy” languages like Java, C++/ C# or C and others.  (I know just a little of those… ).
  • Second – A specific example:
    I do know know some Perl and use it at my daily work – to process textual files.
    So I wrote a Perl/TK thing on my PC  – to process a textual bibliographic files and add certain fixed bibliographic fields.
    It’s Windows XP that I have at work.
    So for editing my scripts –  I use Vim, which is nice and colorful  just like in various Unixes .
    BUT For running – I currently use ActivePerl .

    The “coding” is separated from the code testing and debugging.

  • Now –  people around me at work use Visual Studio for C++ to develop a GUI application.
    So … Why won’t I use something like this to improve my little Perl/TK program?

    What I do now is trial and error:
    I edit the script / program in Vim but run it separately (done by ActivePerl when I double click it) and not from inside the editor.

And that’s where I need an IDE.

Vim is great – but IDE can stop the run in a breakpoint, so it saves a lot of debugging time.

Parade – an IDE in Perl for Perl

Gabor Szabo writes on his blog about  Padre, the Perl IDE

Gabor asks in the title  Who needs and IDE for Perl anyway?

Who needs it? Well … me!

But …Isn’t there a package for Mandriva?

I’m going to try to at least install it, on my new home PC – that has now Mandriva that I have just installed.

(My use of Mandriva now is quite new. I mean – I started with Mandrake but it was a long time ago. I’m used to Debian , but this is for another post)

אודות תנועת ה- OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement: benefits of an intellectual philanthropy [a post in the  blog of Tel Aviv University Libraries ].

מסתבר שיש תנועה שלמה, שמנסה להנגיש חומרי לימוד לקורסים, כחלק מה- “Open “Acces.
יש כמה תורמים רציניים כמו למשל המכון הטכנולוגי של מסצ’וסטס (הידוע כ MIT).

להלן דוגמאות נוספות מארה”ב  (ראו עוד – בתוך ה פוסט):
אוניברסיטת נוטר-דאם (מאינדיאנה, ארה”ב)  Notre Dame OpenCourseWare ;
אוניברסיטת דיוק – הפקולטה למשפטים –   Duke Law Center for the Public domain ;

החלצים בתחום בארץ: האוניברסיטה הפתוחה – פרויקט פאר .

Koha Version 3.0 Released

Release 3 for Koha – an open-source integrated library system.

More details:

I have just seen it at the LibLime blog named “Open Sesame“.

The post cites the Koha mailing list – in the message about “Announcing Koha 3.00.00”:

Hi folks,

I’m happy to announce that a packaged release of Koha 3.00.00 is now available. You can download from the usual location:



“August Penguin” last Friday

This post deals with the “August Penguin” event that took place last Friday.

What the “August Penguin” is?
“August Penguin” is the major community conference of the Israeli Open Source fans.
It is organized by the community (again community, yes!) and it is not commercial.
It takes place in the first Friday of August.

The organizers are all volunteers, mostly from Hamakor – An Israeli Society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (Registered Society) which is a registered Non Profit Organization. http://www.hamakor.org.il/

And even though there are sponsors companies –  those companies have nothing with the contents.

There is an Open Source community in Israel!
That’s great!

Unfortunately I did not attend this year (I did last few years).
I woke up late.  I mean not only in the day itself … but remembering to save the day  –  I had to be somewhere else (family).

This year there was a huge debate about the sponsorship that was given by … Microsoft.

Hamakor people agreed to receive the sponsorship saying that Open Source doesn’t mean hating Microsoft. And like any other company –  it’s only a sponsor and it has no influence on the content.
There were, however, some people that didn’t like to see the Microsoft logo on an Open Source conference.

Here is a collection of links and posts describing the conference.
That’s the least I can do –  to know what happened.

I hope next year to come.

והרי כמה קישורים לפוסטים של לפני ואחרי כנס “אוגוסט פנגווין”: