Octopress makes me curious about Ruby

When I looked for a static web site generator I started with Jekyll.
But then I saw Octopress. Now – after few posts it’s really working great.

The only thing that I currently have to do on my own – on the HTML – is: taking care of the directionality. …

When I want to write Hebrew – in right to left – I still have to add the ”

” on my own.
Now I remember – that I also had to do it on WordPress too.

But my wish here it to be able to hack it.
I mean – to have a way to have a smaller tag to tell Octpress (or the underlying Jekyll) to treat all the text inside as “Right to Left”.
Something like ” … ” in the source “Mardown” level.

For this I have to … mmm … start learning Ruby.

It’s really funny that I chose a Ruby based weblog generator whithout any deep knowledge of Ruby!

Source: meorero_octopress